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Fear Response and How It Affects Food Selection


Defining the Terminology | Diagnostic Criteria | The Author Tells His Story | More Misdiagnosis Cases | A Quick Overview of the Genesis of Anorexia Nervosa | Medical Disorders That Can Cause Anorexia | Medical Tests | Diagnostic Deficiencies | A Message To Parents | A Message to Physicians | A Message to Therapists | A Quick Lesson on Human Nature | A Skeptical Look at the Conventional Wisdom | Public Awareness Campaigns Backfire | Depression and Anorexia | Nausea and Appetite | Fear Response and How It Affects Food Selection | Classical Conditioning and Anorexia | Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Body Dismorphic Disorder | Bizarre Behavior or Just Human Nature? | Excessive Exercise | Perfectionism | Laxative Abuse | Bulimia | Comparing Animal Behavior to Human Behavior | Effects of Malnutrition | Starvation Response | Malabsorption and Weight Loss | Body Mass Index : A Flawed Concept? | The Anorexic Voice | Art Therapy | Pro-Anorexia Web Sites | Celebrity Role Models | How Belief Skews Perception | Vegetarianism and Anorexia | The History of Anorexia Nervosa | The Politics of Medicine And How It Can Affect Your Diagnosis | Universal Medicare | Frequently Asked Questions | Research Suggestions | The Future of Eating Disorders | About the Author | Contact Us | Bibliography | Disclaimer

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