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Randy Schellenberg, A.Sc.T.

Mr. Schellenberg is an Applied Science Technologist and lives in British Columbia, Canada. His interest in Anorexia Nervosa was sparked when his daughter was diagnosed with the disorder. After two hospitalizations for refeeding and several months of fruitless psychotherapy and nutritional counselling, Mr. Schellenberg suspected that there might be some underlying illness present and insisted on more medical testing.
An abdominal ultrasound showed gallstones, which are known to cause anorexia. Even with this confirmed medical diagnosis, he was unable to convince the medical or counselling team that these could be the cause of the appetite loss. Frustrated by the unwillingness of the medical team to operate, he arranged for a laparascopic cholecystectomy to be performed by a surgeon in the United States. Within days of the operation, his daughter's digestive disorders cleared up and her appetite returned within several weeks. She gained all of her original weight back within six months without any nutritional counselling or psychotherapy, and returned to her normal, happy, loveable self. The author is convinced that if he had not taken his daughter out of the local eating disorder program and insisted that the medical issues be addressed, his daughter would not be alive today. Click here for the whole story.
Schellenberg witnessed first-hand how a biological disorder in his daughter created behaviors described by all the eating disorder experts as a "classic extreme case of Anorexia Nervosa". Upon his daughter's recovery, he became convinced there must be other individuals who have a digestive tract disorder being interpreted as a psychological disorder. Out of compassion for these individuals and their families, this website was created.