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Your input is vital to revealing the truth about Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. Please feel free to express your opinions and experiences. If you have been misdiagnosed with an eating disorder, please let us know. If you are a professional working in an eating disorder program, please share your experiences. Below is a list of questions and subjects that we would appreciate you answering. Thankyou in advance for your interest and your input!

If You Have Been Misdiagnosed With Anorexia Nervosa
If you were diagnosed with AN, only to find out you actually had a medical problem causing your anorexia, please let us know! Or if you are a parent whose child was misdiagnosed with AN, please tell us your story! Please read this list of questions and if you can answer these in addition to relating your experiences, it would be greatly appreciated.
What was the correct diagnosis? How did you finally get the correct diagnosis?  Did your doctor say the illness was the underlying cause, or that it was caused by the malnutrition? Was this problem corrected through surgery or medication, or dietary changes? How long were you in an eating disorder program? Were you hospitalized for refeeding or force feeding? Did you relapse and have to be readmitted to hospital? Were you allowed visitors in the hospital?What was your weight and height before your illness? What was your lowest weight during your illness? What is your weight now? How long was your recovery? Can you recall what your thoughts were during your illness? What diagnostic tests did you have performed? What was your psychiatric assessment? Did you experience severe malnutrition? Did you have a history of being a fussy eater? Did you experience any gastrointestinal distress or pain during your illness? Were your stool patterns normal? Did you have chronic constipation? Did you experience bloating after eating? Did you experience nausea upon eating or shortly thereafter? Did you often vomit after eating? Did you feel better or worse after vomiting? Did you have to use laxatives in order to have a bowel movement? Did you exercise a lot? Did you find that when you looked in the mirror that your eyes were drawn mainly to your stomach? Did you find at times that you could not fit in your clothes or you had to loosen your belt despite being underweight? Did you feel you had to do more situps or stomach crunches to reduce the size of your stomach? Did you find that fatty foods or meat caused stomach problems or nausea? Did you become a vegetarian? Did a vegetarian diet make you feel better? What was your exercise regimen?  Were you given meal-replacement drinks while hospitalized? Were you admitted to a psychiatric ward? Do you experience any symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder? (i.e. - you have a fear of being weighed, fear of certain tastes or smells that bring back vivid memories of the hospital, panic attacks, etc.)  Did you find after the problem was corrected that you still found it difficult to eat certain foods? Do you enjoy eating now? Did you have to make any lifestyle changes to correct the problem? Do you have any permanent problems as a result of malnutrition or from the delayed treatment of the underlying disorder?
Any other points or issues you can think of that may help our understanding of this illness would be invaluable. Thankyou.
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